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15 reviews | 328 orders

Ordered the Family Special that came with 10 buffalo wings, Large Cheese Pizza, and 2 Lt soda again. This time I ordered the Pizza with thin crust and it was actually great! It had the right amount of dough and cheese. They called to ask how I want my wings this time(Spicy or Mild) which was very courteous. I'm giving this Pizza Spot a 5 out of 5 because the food was AWESOME THIS TIME!.


4 reviews | 48 orders

Tip Top has pretty much become my go-to delivery place for the area. I can't even describe how amazing this place is in comparison to anywhere else that delivers, or any other place for that matter. The jumbo 20" is huge New York slices. The pepperoni is freaking delicious, you can tell it's made with beef and not pepperoni log or whatever. And those milkshakes...I keep them stocked in my fridge. And it's unrelated to the food, but these guys are fast. I usually get my stuff in 20-40 minutes. They were late once when they mixed up my address and I got a ton of free food, so they handle that well too. Must go keep eating. Get the Tip Top or the Cheese Steak pizza, they use high quality chip beef and it's great on pizza.


3 reviews | 171 orders

I've ordered from Tip Top countless times over the 3 years I've lived in the area. Their food is good, on time, and barely any mistakes on the orders. A+

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6627 Chew Ave
Philadelphia PA, 19119
(215) 951-9500